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City farms for home and business, ready to use
The modular nature of our farms allows us to tailor fit them to your growing space, climate and the assortment of crops you plan to grow.

City farms for home

A room up to 60 m² (a suburban basement, for instance) will suit a small farm with consumer grade air conditioning and basic automation. Such a farm will provide your family with fresh greens and veggies all year round.
City farms for business
An industrial farm will require a room bigger than 60 m². Irrigation, lighting and climate are fully integrated into our automation system, so the crop needs no day-to-day maintenance.

Examples of our projects

Container farm

MEGA, Novosibirsk
A vertical farm based off of two shipping containers is the first of its kind in Russia. It is equipped with top of the line industrial growing equipment including six VeFarm GR modules, a nursery, professional automation system, fertigation unit, climate control & air recirculation system.

Multifarm in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Commissioned by Riyada Group
A multifarm for leafy greens, strawberries and tomatoes, currently being built. Traditional agruculture in Bahrain is harshly limited by a lack of soil and fresh water, so the country needs to develop vertical farming. Not only does it save the endangered water supply, but also leads to food safety, as exemplified by Singapore.

Strawberry farm

Sarapulka, Sverdlovsk region
The farm is located in a country house. 21 meters of 3 layered VeFarm SB modules host 600 strawberry plants. The farm is equipped with a nursery, fully automated and managed via a web interface. The cooling system is integrated with the underfloor heating of the house.

Leafy greens farm

The farm is located in an apartment building. A room of 100 m² holds 12 VeFarm GR modules and an automation system.
The produce is shipped to the city’s leading restaurants and supermarkets (see below).

Industrial salad farm

Belgorod, 2020
Lamps: 1580 pcs
Professional automation, microclimate
Subscription to 30 crops

City farm in Belgorod

Lamps & automation by Agroaspect

Supermarket microfarms

Pokrovsky Passage luxury grocery store, Grinvich & Passage shopping malls, Ekaterinburg
These microfarms allow to grow greens and herbs right in the store. Customers can buy produce "straight from the garden", no shipping or storage involved. Equipped with automatic light and optional irrigation systems, the farms keep their crops fresh and nutritious.

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