VeFarm GR

Vertical farm that lets you grow leafy greens all year round
220 000 ₽ (approx.)
The farm is designed to grow any kind of leafy greens. It is accompanied by a grower’s manual, a starter pack and one year of agricultural support.

Due to the current economical situation, the price listed on the website is approximate. Please consult a manager for details.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (L×W×H), m
2.22×0.7×2.5 (3 layers)*
Net area sown, m²
3.6 (1.2×3 layers)
LED, air cooling
Supply voltage, V
220 AC
Avg power consumption, kW
0.48 (0.133 per 1 m² of the sowing area)
Peak power consumption, kW
0.8 (when the pump is on)
Approximate water consumption, m³
up to 0.5
Number of layers
* characteristics of the basic 3 layer build are shown. Techical specs may differ depending on the modification and number of layers.
Review of the farm
Hydroponic system VeFarm GR: review