VeFarm Light LED lights

Quality lamps for your plants
Neutral white LED lamps VeFarm Light work as a self-sufficient light source for vertical farms and greenhouses.

Due to their high efficiency they barely heat up, reduce energy costs and work longer. Plants grow stronger and healthier, so the crop is of better quality.

The lamps come in two sizes (1 and 2 meters) and two color temperatures (3000 K and 4000 K). They are equipped with their own power supplies.

Warranty extends for 1 year since the date of sale.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (L×W×H), mm
Color temperature
4000 K (3000 K optionally)
Power consumption, W
Supply voltage, V
220 AC
LED lifespan, h
50 000
Photosynthetic photon flux
48 PAR
IP 24
Country of origin